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FAQ – frequently asked questions

What can I expect from the Dr Holm treatment?

We cannot promise you a weight loss of e.g. 5 kg in 2 weeks, as it would be a deeply unprofessional assessment of the problem.

We know that the fat mass is defended by an ingenious hormonal regulatory system, and that the fat tissue defence can vary from person to person.

This means that some people will lose weight easier and faster than others.

Since we do not know your genes, intestinal bacteria or social conditions, we cannot say anything about a weight loss prognosis.

Instead, you need to get to know your own body and overweight so that - with the help of your personal treatment plan from the DrHolmApp - you will learn what it takes to reduce your degree of obesity. Only in that way can you learn to master your own life. For some, the body can be relentlessly proficient in maintaining the fat mass, but remember, there are no alternatives or magical tricks.

Does DrHolmApp.com offer a fixed diet plan with explanation of what to eat and what to buy?

DrHolmApp offers a tailor made treatment plan based on your everyday life. In this treatment plan, there is no fixed diet plan. DrHolmApp sets out a comprehensive list of individual advice in order to live a healthy life, alongside some general guidelines on how to combine your diet, and perform meal exercises, which will help you to learn how and what to eat. In addition, DrHolmApp provides examples of healthy recipes, as well as inspiration for healthy cooking.

The problem with slimming diets / calorie restrictions

Slimming diets with calorie restrictions are scientifically completely obsolete, as these do not take into account the body's ingenious ability to defend the fat mass. When you think you can reduce your degree of obesity with a diet, you have not realized that the body will subsequently actively seek to get the fat mass back. A diet with calorie restrictions will trigger a number of harmful metabolic changes (i.e. a repressed immune response and a lower metabolism) as well as a severe hunger that over time is difficult to live with.

A sustainable weight loss is simply not achievable if you are continuously hungry.

Dr Holm

Dr Jens-Christian Holm is a chief physician and associate professor of obesity and childhood diseases and has developed a successful evidence-based model with the purpose of treating children, adolescents and their families with obesity. Throughout more than 20 years of scientific work and clinical experience, he has developed a new paradigm for the treatment and understanding of obesity. Dr Jens-Christian Holm has gained great recognition for his work both nationally and internationally and does not compromise when fighting for a respectful and professional treatment of obesity.

The method is not a slimming diet with calorie restrictions and ad libitum exercise. Instead, the Dr Holm method introduces an understanding of obesity as a chronic disease in which the body actively opposes a weight loss and maintains fat mass. A treatment plan with specified lifestyle changes and in principle ad libitum diet gives you a healthier life. Further, meal exercises and other strategies will make you relatively satiated (full) after every meal.

Our perspective is the rest of your life.

In Scandinavia, thousands of patients have been treated for their obesity with the Dr Holm method. It has been scientifically documented that 65-85% of patients achieve a weight loss, and decrease their elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, amount of fat in the liver and sleep apnea as well as achieve an improved quality of life and own body image perception.

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